Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dead moms & neon togas

Last night's dream had multiple really weird aspects, but also one piece that was an actual plot.

I was a teenager with long, dark brown wavy hair. I went to a really pristine school with a bunch of creepy kids with white-blonde hair. The school was really strict and was completely nice inside, with perfect rows of desks and glossy hard wood floors and big windows. The blonde kids would sit perfectly with their hands folded in front of them. I was super angsty and would sit in the back all sullen and mean.

The teacher also had long wavy dark brown hair. I think she might have been the actress Madeline Stowe. She went through a really intense bit about cleaning off our boards after we used them (we had mini dry erase boards that we'd do our work on) and she demonstrated coloring in a clear plastic cylinder that was really tall and skinny and she said that if we didn't clean our boards she'd make us clean one of the cylinders and that would be a pain in the ass.

The next part switched to the teacher trying to be nice to me and taking me out somewhere but I can't remember where. I was gone for two days though. I returned home and I was really happy and came into my apartment, which was a really sweet loft that was nicely decorated and started yelling for my Mom. I wanted to tell her I was better and I wasn't going to be a jerk anymore. I opened the bathroom door and my mom (who looked nothing like my real mom) was slumped facedown in a bathtub. She had really intense yellow/white blonde hair that was spread in this weird circle in the water and it kind of looked like a sea anemoni. I pulled her up and she was pure white and cold, she'd been dead for a long time. She looked like some sort of small nymph-like creature.

The scene changed to the aftermath, the cops were there and my teacher rushed in and tried to console me but I slapped her really hard in the face and started screaming at her and she was crying and I think the situation turned slow motion and dramatic, like the end of a real movie.

There was also a random part about me and wrapping an artist in a multi-colored neon patterned sheet, twirling it into a rope at some parts, and making sort of a toga out of it. I think it was either for a big photo shoot or for his wedding. We found a joint that looked like a cigarette with a filter and smoked it and all of our parents were in the other room but we thought they wouldn't notice the smell. Also, I'm not sure where this fit into the dream, but there was an oversized '80s blazer in it at some point that was had a big Giraffe pattern on it.

Another snippet included me and a friend escaping from our brothers, who had tried to make us stay home for some reason, and we went climbing through all these weird snowy rooftops and narrow little passageways that were all rickety and treacherous. We got to a point where there was a really dangerous climb down to the next one and I said there was no way I was doing that and that I was going back the way we came. I tried to go back but I somehow got trapped in a labyrinth of basements and kept running into people that were like "why the hell are in you in my basement." I don't remember how it ended.