Sunday, December 27, 2009

Metallic Angel Crashing

Last night's dream was kind of scary, but also kind of exciting. I'm surprised I remember my dream at all, considering I drank a bottle of wine plus like three vodka drinks last night.

The dream started out with me walking around in what I think was a lobby of a place I lived or worked. The walls were covered in art that was angel-themed. Everyone I knew had made something and the art was hung salon-style, floor to ceiling. The art ranged from small to large, from interactive art to sculpture. The one that stuck out to me was about 8.5x11" and was sort of a three-dimensional window that you could look into. It was filled with metallic shrubs of different colors that would sort of vibrate and shimmer when you looked into it to try to find the hidden angel. There were other pieces that involved silver mannequin legs and wings that stuck out of big plaque.

The scene changed to me standing on a big open dirt plain that dropped off into the Grand Canyon. I had been in a flying bus that had crash landed on the plain and I was milling around outside of it. I saw another airplane headed towards the ground and suddenly a bunch of planes and flying contraptions were crashing everywhere around me. One plane was able to land instead of crash into a million pieces and it skidded right up to the edge of the canyon but turned at the last second and came back around to stop right in front of me. There was a Somalian woman pilot that was smiling really big and chattering at me but I couldn't understand her.

There was another brief part that involved me putting makeup on a pretty black girl and and she was wearing a slinky dress that was the exact same color as her skin so she kind of looked naked. I made her eyes super colorful with orange, magenta and teal eye shadow. She was getting all bent out of shape because she thought the makeup was too weird, but I insisted she needed to have colorful makeup to make her outfit not be boring.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Psychic Statue

Last night's dream was really choppy but I do remember some choice weird parts of it.

I was at my mother's house, but it was part greenhouse and looked really different. I was going around the house picking up boxes and bags of random candy and putting them in my purse. My mom was yelling at me about it, saying that candy was banned from her house and how dare I bring it in. I tried to explain that it was already there but I just got yelled at more. I poured onto a counter a bag of Swedish Fish, a box of Jolly Joes, and a box of Nerds and started color coding them and obsessively making kaleidoscopic patterns while my mom yelled at me in the background.

The next scene changed to a garage type scenerio, but I think it was part of the greenhouse. My Dad was there polishing something small and metal and there was a wooden huge crate off to the side with a big carved stone sphinx/gargoyle hybrid statue packed in straw. The top half of the crate was removed so I could see it. I asked my Dad what it was and where it came from and he said my Mom had had it shipped from China so she could use it as a garden decoration, and that it cost $150,000 so he was very annoyed about it. I went over to it, and started petting its face and it started projecting its thoughts silently into my head. It was just saying that it was on my side and that I never had to worry about anything again, because it loved me now because I was nice to it. I could see it moving but it was more like shimmering and projecting itself in translucent layers. I felt very excited, like it was going to change my life.

It was a little bit more Sphinxy than this, and less ornate, but you get the jist.

There was another vague part of the dream where I was discussing with someone about how well the l'etoile holiday party went and was analyzing things that went wrong. I looked at the invite and I had written "enjoy sushi, holiday cookies and more" on it. I was very concerned that I had included sushi in the copy because we definitely did not have sushi at the party.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Skeletons & Pitbulls

Last night's dream was super long and involved, I know it was! But I can't remember very much at all. Reason? I woke up around 8 and tried to remember it really hard, then accidentally fell back asleep and woke up at 10. I concentrated on remembering one snippet and in the process forgot the main part. Oh well.

The part I remember the best involved me living in a lodge with a bunch of skeletons that changed into human format when other people were around. My ex-boyfriend from high school was one of them and I was so completely happy to see him that I was willing to move into the skeleton lodge. There was something about a bloody female skeleton that looked like she'd been skinned, and the meat and organs carved off her but the bones still had bloody scraps on them. She was in a tattered gown that was mostly ripped off and was rushing up a staircase at super human speed. She turned around and screamed/screeched at me and her jaw opened super wide, then she kept running.

There was another segment about me walking my dog through the skyway system and not having a leash, so I had to hold her collar the whole time and she was pulling me really hard. I was scared if she jumped on someone they would take it the wrong way because she's a pitbull, so I was super worried about keeping her safe from people. I was crying and crying because I was afraid she'd get put to sleep if I let go of her collar, and it was so hard to hold on because we had to walk miles to get where we were going.

My real actual dog that is the most sweet, adorable thing on this earth
This is her posing for the l'etoile Valentine's Day Guide in 2007. Presh!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

I'm getting married at Neil Gaiman's house!

I know haven't done a post for awhile, I've been super busy with work stuff the past week, it's been never ending. I've been in a sheer panic from the moment I wake up in the morning to when I go to sleep. I didn't even try to remember my dreams. Today, however, I have a whopping 3 hours before I have to be at a meeting, AND I had an awesomely weird dream last night.

I can't remember how this dream started out exactly but I think I was on a dirt road by a bunch of industrial buildings and there was a war going on between an Indian tribe, one lone super-Indian, and white people. Well, the white peeps weren't really in the war, they would just get killed whenever the Indians saw them I think. The lone super-Indian was hiding out in this big metal barn with big rusty tools and the tribe was mobilizing to look for him. I was in the barn...I think I might have even been the super-Indian because I was not afraid of getting killed and I felt super awesome and tough. The tribe came down the road and got distracted by a white guy wandering around, who they promptly scalped and slit the throat of. Another white guy came along and managed to talk them out of scalping him somehow.

The scene changed to a big lodge-type building (I think it was on the same road as the Indian tribe) but the entrance looked like Har Mar Mall. I think the lodge belonged to real-life fantasy writer Neil Gaiman. I was getting married (I have no idea who to) but I was planning my own wedding and was being really demanding and mean. My sister came to set up the silent auction (yes, for some weird reason there was a silent auction at my wedding) but all the stuff in it was really strange. There were lots of pairs of socks, some of them looked dirty, and a sock monkey and a bunch of calendars plus other crap I can't remember. My sister put flowers and little beaded lamps all over the auction table to make it more wedding-y.

I had to put on the wedding dress Neil Gaiman gave me and I was very irritated to discover it was pretty much see through, fine netting (kind of like a wedding veil) and was sewn together in panels. There was a belt that was white tulle bunched up with red ribbon to tie it. I wanted to wear it really badly but was concerned because I was wearing black underwear and bra. I was trying to come up with something to wear underneath it when I looked through the window and there were two black ladies in an SUV yelling at me to put my clothes on because everyone was looking through the window (which was the parking lot of a mall). I was shocked and laid down on the floor and tried to get dressed while laying down so no one would see me.

The dress was kind like this slip but it was shorter and cooler looking. The belt was awesome.

I can't remember if I got the dress on, or what I was wearing, but it was time for the wedding to start so I went out with my bridesmaids (who were just random people wearing street clothes) and we started doing a sort of routine as people walked in. We did a synchronized hitch-hiking dance sort of thing and people would go in the direction our thumbs were pointing. We realized that if we did it towards the silent auction table, everyone would go over there and start bidding in a frenzy. People went crazy for the auction and when they mob walked away it was somehow over and all the stuff was gone. My sister said that we made $27, which I thought was a load of crap.

The last thing I remember was trying to make a little bit more money and I started yelling to everyone about the last silent auction item, which was my marriage certificate signed by Neil Gaiman. No one was paying attention to me even though I was yelling at the top of my lungs and I was in a rage about it. I woke up around that time/can't remember what happened.

I heart Neil Gaiman.