Sunday, October 17, 2010

Shapeshifters, Wormholes, and Michael Jackson

So, a lot of last night's dream was actually sort of terrifying...but other parts were just plain weird, as usual.

The first portion of the dream involved me at home, which was sort of a combination of my ex-boyfriend from a long time ago's house and my parents house. There was some sort of infestation of rats and other animals that was getting out of control. I had a guy that I knew come over to fix the problem because he had the ability to shapeshift into a really crazy flesh-eating monster that would flush out every animal and eat or kill them. The problem was, that when he shifted he went totally berserk so I had to lock myself and my cat in the bathroom while it was happening so he didn't eat us.

While we were locked in I heard all sorts of screeching and commotion then something started forcing its way in the bathroom and I couldn't hold the door shut. It turned out to be a big black panther and I ended up letting it come in to hide from the shapeshifter. When he forced himself in, I could see all sorts of dead rats all over the floor outside. Eventually, the shape shifter returned to human format and called to us that it was okay to come out. He had eaten all the animals but said "sorry, I left you a surprise in your office, I couldn't help it." and the "surprise" was a huge pile of shape shifter shit.

The next part morphed to a sidewalk adjacent to a park that I grew up by. I was hanging out with some unidentified people and a van pulled up. A famous band (I don't remember who it was, but I think it was a heavy metal band) got out and started talking to us. I told them it was a huge coincidence because when I was a little kid they had parked in the same spot and got out and randomly played a show on a hill near the playground. They said they'd do it again and started unloading their gear.

One of the guys in the band handed me a plastic lavender DVD case that was sort of see through and explained that it was a recording device. I don't know how this happened, but as soon as I took it I was flying through a wormhole/tube or something, and it was just big enough for a human to fit in width-wise, so I was flying headfirst. There was all sorts of static noise and the walls of the tube looked like gray, electric, churning water. I dragged my hand through one of the walls and it just made more noise and felt strange. I took the DVD case and held it straight out in front of me; this was supposed to record my experiences in the wormhole as long as I kept rotating it clockwise. The wormhole morphed into different scary scenes, one was pitch black with just screaming noises and another was pitch black with hundreds of pairs of glowing yellow eyes blinking.

The dream switched to me owning a house/compound that was connected by underground tunnel. One part was a workshop that looked kind of like the Soap Factory, there was heavy industrial equipment and wood slabs in it. The next segment of the house was a lecture room/class room where we went to "college" and also had a flea market in every week. And the last segment of the house was a loft space with oriental carpets, couches and a stage. The loft part was apparently located in the Northern Warehouse in Lowertown but you could only access it by underground tunnel.

We would regularly have big parties and bands play in the loft but the cops could never shut it down because there was no way to enter the space from the actual building so they could never figure out how to get in. On a particular night, Mark Mallman was playing and afterward we were sitting on a couch talking about his music. My phone buzzed with a text message and it was from Michael Jackson and it just said "What's up?" I wrote him back with a link to a Mark Mallman song and soon after he called me. I put him on speaker phone and was all "How's it goin'? Long time no see" like we were old friends and he started telling me he hated Mallman's music because he didn't go in for "spiritual crap" even though the tune I sent had nothing to do with spiritual crap. I told MJ that Prince loved Mallman but MJ said he hated Prince too and that Prince was a religious nut. There was an awkward silence and then I just said something like "Well, okay...but really, how are you doing, Michael?" and I actually woke up saying those words; I was propped up on my elbows in my bed.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Trixi and Jon and the Steam Engine Pool

As usual, I forgot a lot of components to this dream...

A bunch of random people were in town for someone's wedding, and everyone was doing social things, like hosting dinners at their homes and letting people stay with them. My real-life friends, Trixi and Jon, invited me over to socialize before the wedding. They owned a little restaurant/deli called "Cookie's" but they had been ousted from their space so a video game store could move in. They were in the process of moving Cookie's to a really fancy downtown location even though it just served sandwiches and soups. Jon was wearing an expensive suit and talking on his cell phone about it a lot.

Their house was kind of like a compound, lots of gray concrete, but it was attached to the former Cookie's location which was in turn attached to some sort of strip mall type of thing. The inside of their house was really big and they were most excited to show me their indoor pool, which Jon had built himself and designed to be heated by a steam engine. You had to be careful to make sure it wasn't too hot before you got in, because sometimes the water boiled.

I got in the pool in my full clothes and boots and waded in all the way up to my waist before I realized how stupid that was. I got out and laid on the concrete in a sun patch to dry my clothes, which somehow were not really that wet. When I got up, Trixi and Jon were gone and I couldn't find them.

The dream changed to my apartment. I was letting my ex-boyfriend from like 12 years ago stay with me because he was apparently going to the wedding too. I woke up in the middle of the night and he had ordered a pizza and had let the delivery guy into my apartment, invited him into my bedroom and they sat down on a bunch of my clothes that were (and are in real life) strewn all over the floor and started eating the pizza. I was livid because I didn't want the delivery guy judging me for having a messy room so I was yelling and trying to kick them both out but they wouldn't respond to me. I don't really remember much else after that...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Severed puppy heads...not cool.

This dream had a lot to it, and I thought I had it solidified in my mind, but by the time I got my laptop on and pulled a document up to jot down the specifics, the majority of it had fled my mind. The most disturbing part remained intact though...

I was on a road trip with my dog searching for my real dad. I had adoptive parents who lived in a house that wasn't any house I've ever been in, but it had the same kitchen as my real-life parent's kitchen. Anyhoo, there was a huge contraption on their kitchen table covered with a navy blue sheet. it was a bunch of distorted metal, kind of like a bird cage but pieces were a giant had ripped it open.

big like this, but with more of a twisted, warped wrought iron element

In the dream, my dog had one puppy, and my adoptive parents had been looking after it while we were on the road trip. I knew if I lifted up the sheet, I would see the severed head of the puppy, but I didn't want to, so I looked halfway in and said it was empty. My "mom" got really mad at me and said my dog had chewed off the puppy's head and killed it but I knew it wasn't true. I insisted that since my dog didn't have blood around her mouth and that we were on the road trip that she was innocent. My mom forced me to look under the sheet and the puppy's head was hanging by a wire from the top of the cage-thing. The neck was cleanly severed as if from a knife, further proof that my dog didn't kill the puppy, but no one believed me and they wanted to kill my dog. Somehow I knew my fake dad had done it and that he was a total psycho. I woke up screaming, and I remember clearly flailing my arms around my head and screeching.

I can't bring myself to post a pic of a severed puppy
head, so here's a cute LIVE puppy.

I fell back asleep pretty quickly and the dream changed to me being in college and living in a dorm with one of my old friends that I haven't seen for years. At one point, I was climbing stairs holding onto the banister like I was climbing something really steep. It was hard to pull myself up but no one else was having the same problem.

There was another strange part about our dorm room doubling as a boutique that sold random fashion stuff and my other roommate, who happened to be real-life l'etoile project manager, Natalie Gallagher, had designed a line of accessories that was made up of big fake diamond brooches that were really sparkly and had pieces in them that projected light. They were in an acrylic display cabinet that you could rotate. She was also the manager of the store but only tried to sell people the brooches. I can't remember any more of the dream after that.

Friday, October 8, 2010

The snake and the rockstar

My apartment wasn't my apartment but it was. It was some sort of a cabin or summer home and I was reconfiguring and cleaning the whole place. I was polishing the floors by standing barefoot on an extra strength paper towel and buffing the marks on the linoleum out. It was working really well and I couldn't stop doing it. I remember being very stunned that it was working as well as it did.

There was an unidentified older rockstar that was temporarily living upstairs and he created an art installation that you had to climb through to get to him. It was Nic Harper from the Rogue Buddha's job to bring girls up to him and he brought me and Jahna up. He had made the top level of my house into a sort of horror maze. There were lots of dirty chicken feathers all over the floor and mangy plastic sheets you had to crawl through. There was a room where there was a big plastic sheet with a bunch of dried leaves and you were supposed to kick them onto the sheet. I remember thinking that the rockstar was just being lazy and trying to get people to clean up the leaves for him. Through the maze, you'd crawl around in tiny rooms and there would be a gritty, black and white image of something random on a light box, kind of flickering. (Maybe this part of the dream was inspired by the Soap Factory's Haunted Basement? Which btw is totally awesome.)

It wasn't Alice Cooper but it was along those lines.

When we finally got into the rockstar's living space it included a long, skinny rectangular sandbox and a TV set playing a show in the corner, but it was really bad reception. There was a big stuffed snake in the sandbox and it had some ratty looking animal fur attached to its head in a long strip. I picked up the snake and started petting it's fur/hair and the rockstar came in and was really impressed with me for doing that for some reason.

There was a lot of remodeling going on in my house too. I was getting a bunch of stairwells and landings redone with wooden walls that had different colored wood pieces jutting out from it in geometric shapes. It looked really cool but the rest of my house was really crappy, like a long-neglected cabin. I don't remember anything after that even though I know there was a lot. Something to do with delivering juice boxes to people I think...

I made this in photoshop, but it was much cooler in the dream.
The shapes acted sort of like a railing to other floors.