Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Red domes and yellow cement machines

So last night I know I had an epic dream, but I can only remember little snippets of it, but they are pretty weird.

The first one involved myself and two other people designing dome-shaped structures that we planned to film a choreographed dance with. We would stand inside our domes and push them in a pattern around a huge concrete floor and the video was going to be done all in one shot, so it had to be perfect. I made mine out of red tubing with little bouquets of cheap red plastic flowers at each joint.

The next part was me on a huge plaza in a foreign country. It was foggy and misty out and people were rushing around and I was completely lost and confused and wanted to go home. Then I saw a bright yellow 1950s looking contraption that seemed like a tractor, but was supposedly a machine that you'd drive around and it would shoot wet concrete out in front of it then roll over it to make it smooth. In the dream I wanted (more than anything) to get a job driving that machine. I tried in vain to find the person who owned it but people told me to come back in two years to talk to him so I gave up.

Kind of like this, but smaller, cleaner, shinier and way more retro looking

The last part involved me standing above a big, foggy chasm and ocean with my back to a wet metal railing. I was with a bunch of people who were just kind of standing around. For some reason I climbed over the railing onto the chasm side and my hands slipped off and I fell, and on the way down I yelled "Prince Caspian." For some weird reason by me yelling that, it made everyone know that I owned the rights to a movie that was being made. I must have woken up then because I remember waking up all violently.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Apparently, I'm a dimension jumping two-timer

This was a pretty zany dream, and I woke up with a crush on Slug from Atmosphere.

So, in the dream I was in love with two men who I couldn't choose between. One was a vampire named "David" and the other was Slug from the hip hop group Atmosphere. We all could hop dimensions using a small white remote control type of thing and there were two worlds we spent the most time in. One was regular earth and the other was a sort of mystical place that was just a lot of ocean and rock walls and caves.

In the ocean world there were huge rock formations that reached out into the ocean. They were made of rough black stone and and had naturally formed arches and caves. Strange creatures lived in some of the caves so we were very careful where we went. David and I were scaling a wall against the shore and a huge panther the size of a building came out from one of the caves. I threw my cat, Meatball, into the ocean to distract the panther from us and it worked. In real life my cat was actually being really annoying and kept waking me up wanting to cuddle and I kept throwing him off the bed - which I assume played into the dream.

Back in the earth world David and I would stay in a really nice, modern house with a bunch of other people, including one older, rich-looking woman vampire who insisted on cooking us "Emu Burgers" which she said needed to be cooked for 30 minutes, flipping them every 5 minutes.

The scene changed to me with Slug at my parents house. I was laying on a couch and he was sitting in a chair. There was a big ottoman in between us. He rolled out of the chair, over the ottoman and onto the couch and we laid there together really uncomfortably.

Somehow David, Slug and I all jumped to the cave/ocean dimension and were in sort of a stand off on a cliff with some other people that dispersed quickly. I kept touching Slug's hand when David wasn't looking. Then suddenly we were all sitting cross-legged on a dock and Slug was wearing plaid shorts. I put my hand on his knee and he pushed it off because David was there.

The scene morphed to myself and Slug up on a cliff with a metal railing and a huge oceanliner pulled up. Slug handed me his remote control and said the only way for him to save the world was for him to suicide bomb the oceanliner. He said to keep his remote and he would meet me in another dimension later. He lit a cigarette and told me to run, and I did, and as I was jumping dimensions I felt the oceanliner explode behind me and push me into the next world.

Back on Earth, I transported into a department store, where my friend Jahna and the vampire David were shopping for old timey war helmets with spikes on top for a photo shoot. I told them Slug was dead but they didn't acknowledge it. Then my friend Emma appeared and she had a box of half used perfume bottles and gave them to me. I put them all on a shelf at my parents house.

At some point I tried to use Slug's remote control to jump to another dimension to find him, but when I did it just brought me to the cave/ocean world where a few people were just milling around in a cave but Slug wasn't there. I think that's when I woke up.