Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cupcakes & Married guys

This dream was very Matthew Barney and symbolic. I'm pretty sure there was more but I can't remember.

In my dream I went to Cake Eater Bakery and it was kind of empty and weird looking, except for a case of cupcakes. The walls were all painted pretty colors, but really messy. There was an ipod dock painted into the wall on a shelf and there was paint all over the speakers. The building the bakery was in had multiple levels. The main level was the bakery, one level was where someone's parents slept on mattresses all day long, and the top level had more mattresses where the girls who owned the bakery slept.

It was someone's birthday and everyone met at the bakery. There was a hot older married guy there who was an artist and drove a yellow and white muscle car. We were all going to the b-day party for someone, whose identity never becomes apparent. The bakery is on the state fair grounds and there are a million classic cars everywhere and the party just consists of us wandering around and drinking. Pretty soon it gets late and we go into an underground part of the Fair Grounds where every room looked like car sale showrooms with dance club lights, and they were filled with people dancing in crazy outfits.

Other rooms looked like fancy banks from the 1950s but more lounge-y, but still with the marble floors, bank teller windows, etc. One room in particular was all pink and gold and kind of ornate, but it still had that "bank" feel. There was a guy sitting on a chaise lounge in a pretty suit, talking important business with another guy in a suit. They were drinking out of gilded tea cups. We kept walking and I was drunk and holding the married guy's hand, just roaming around to the parties -- which all seemed to have different themes -- like '70s rock n' roll, dance club, rollerskating, etc. The people in the doorways of the parties would try to lure you in a sleazy manner as you walked by. One girl outside a party gave me a business card that just said "MEG" on it and told me to call her.

At some point I realized I was wearing a party outfit made of newspaper and magazine article clippings. The skirt was kind of a short bell shape and layered with articles, even my legs were covered in magazine clippings, but only to the knees and I was self conscious that there was skin showing because I thought the outfit looked incomplete.

Myself, the married guy and a hybrid of the two girls who own Cake Eater Bakery (they would keep morphing into each other) were really drunk and we finally found our way back to the bakery and snuck up the stairs past where the sleeping parents and fell asleep on the mattresses on the top level. I cuddled with the married guy, and when we all woke up in the morning, his wife was there standing with her hands on her hips. She wanted him to come home and I played it off like everything was normal and I told her that we just had to find his car and then he'd come right home.

We went walking through the fair grounds looking for his car and we had a map that was really convoluted. He insisted his car was down by the Snelling avenue entrance but I knew that we had never been down in that area and took him down to the basement level where there were still parties going on. Somehow we set off the fire alarm and a bunch of water sprinklers came on and starting dousing everyone at the parties and in the bank rooms. We finally found married guy's car parked in front of a showroom and he drove us up to where the bakery was and dropped me off. The bakery girls were randomly upset because they didn't know what to put on their business cards, one had "waitress" written on hers and the other had "dishwasher." I was like "you should put co-owner on your cards!" and they thought that was genius, because they hadn't thought of that for some reason. And then I woke up.