Monday, November 30, 2009

I think this dream is telling me to hire a cleaning lady.

I can only remember a couple snippets from my dreams last night. My cat kept waking me up over and over so they kept getting interrupted and not sticking.

Perez Hilton and someone else were living in my apartment with me. We all were extremely messy and as soon as the apartment was clean, we would mess it up again by throwing stuff all over the place and never putting anything back where it was supposed to go. I was really fed up with it and tried to demand that we "throw all garbage in the garbage can from now on" but it was just met by blank stares. Perez Hilton went to bed in a huff, but not before putting a lamp with a blue light bulb onto the porch for no reason. I thought it would attract burglars for some reason and unplugged it.

There was another part about me meeting a guy who had a fetish of "cleaning up after people." I was torn about getting involved with him because I really wanted someone to clean up my apartment all the time, but was creeped out because he always carried around a weirdly shaped white ceramic bowl that he insisted I puke in once in awhile to make him happy.

I know there were a bunch of other zany elements to my dreams last night but I can't remember. Maybe I'll remember more later.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Pyramid

Last night's dream could probably be turned into a pretty sweet sci-fi movie with lots of tweaking of the different scenarios which were really random and not that cool -- but the idea of a time travel pyramid IS way cool. This dream had way more of a plot than my normal dreams do.

I was riding on a small train with a small group of people; a teenage girl, an old man, Flavor Flav, and the train conductor. It was only a two car train and it was really Mad Max-ish and cobbled together and dirty. We were riding on tracks on a bluff overlooking an ocean and we went through a tunnel and the train stopped and wouldn't start back up again. There wasn't anything we could do to fix it and there were no phones so we just started to walk.

On the other side of the tunnel there was a huge pyramid to the left of the tracks, sort of shrouded in trees. There was a path cut into the trees that led up to it. We approached it and I started feeling scared but everyone was really interested. We walked up some steps into an outdoor courtyard type of area that was very trick-of-the-eye and maze-like in its construction. We find a door into the pyramid but another guy shows up and says he's a security guard for the train tracks and that we have to move our train asap because other trains can't get through, but we just tell him to stand by the door we found so it doesn't lock us in. He agrees but is crabby.

Entering the pyramid was just like walking out of the top floor of my grade school into the back stairwell, not at all pyramid-like. I gave the security guard a bunch of holiday sale postcards to stick in the door so it wouldn't lock if he decided to leave. The pyramid morphed us into a big wide hallway scene in an inner city high school and I was separated from the group I came in with. I saw Flavor Flav and he was goofing around with a bunch of kids and he had forgotten all about the fact we were in the pyramid and thought it was real life. I tried to play along and just yelled "Flaaaava Flaaaav" and that seemed to jog his memory but not really.

The scene changed to me driving in a car in Northeast Minneapolis by Johnson Street and it was maybe a year into the future and all the streets were different. I knew I was still in the Pyramid though. I tried to turn onto the street where an apartment I lived in years ago was and the street was blocked off. I went up to the door of the apartment and two girls were there and told me that everyone thought I was dead and that they had taken over my apartment. They helped me load a bunch of bags into my car and explained to me the new streets so I could figure out where I was.

The next part was still in the pyramid and I was in a panic about getting out because I knew our train was blocking all the other trains and something had to be done. It was an outdoor scene, which I think was a hybrid of Como Park, and I was trying in vain to wrangle all the people who I'd come in the pyramid with but none of them could really remember. I ran around with a stick and rounded up two animals that apparently belonged to the girl and the old man characters. One was a small white dog with big black anime eyes and one was a fluffy white Persian cat, also with black anime eyes. I herded them back to the group and everyone remembered they were in the pyramid.

We finally got out of the pyramid somehow and were back in the courtyard. The security guard was still there and was really livid. He said we'd been in the pyramid for two years and we needed to move the train asap, and that an engineer and the conductor were already working on fixing it so we better get down there. When we went down the tunnel had been boarded up and the train looked super dusty and abandon. The guy who was fixing it had a young daughter and a newborn baby with him. The baby was wrapped up in a blanket and was lying on a dirty platform under the engine. I thought it was really dangerous because the engine was supposed to shoot fire out of the exhaust. They finally got it fixed but they had to drive one train car into the other really hard to get them to stick together and the engineer guy put his young daughter in one and told her just to step back and hold on. The train started working and we all got home I think.

There was another part about after the pyramid that involved me sitting at a table with someone who had been on the train and also a musician that used to be married to my cousin (they were in a real-life band called Morticia). He was making a diagram about the time line of their band using only stickers. I thought it would be brilliant for them to do a reunion show and let the band Astronaut Wife open for them for some reason - even though their music is completely different. I think I woke up soon after that...

Friday, November 27, 2009

I want pink hair. Also, I'm officially insane.

This dream was kind of snippety. Some parts were more clear with semi-plots, other parts were just flashes.

The dream started out with me walking down the street with my friends Jahna and Beth. We were going to a little restaurant/bar on a dock that we either worked at, owned or had regular meetings at or something that connected us to it. Beth was saying how her boyfriend didn't recognize her because she got a new haircut, but her hair really only looked like it had been cut about 2 inches and she had bangs. I asked if they liked my new haircut, which was a wild, hot pink mohawk sort of thing (the pic I found below is sort of spot-on actually, but I think there was an element of cornrows in it too).

The scene changed to inside the bar and I think everyone was worried that it was going to go out of business. The cook at the place was a big burly guy and he decided that since it was maybe the last day that he had to pull out all the stops, and he brought what he called an "anchor" in, and it looked like a big black anchor from one side with long radio antennas sticking out from the top of it horizontally that blocked the hallway and stretched into a booth where people were sitting. If you walked around to the other side, it looked like one of those old-timey black, iron bicycles with one big wheel in front that Victorian-era peeps would always ride. There was something else about a server taking a painting off the wall to keep that was a newspaper collage on the front and an abstract painting on the back that was white, red, pink, purple and yellow with little black tribal squiggles and smiley faces on it (I think that part was related to the new pre-sleep experiment I tried last night, see below).


My friend Robyne was at the bar and she had been duped into doing a speaking engagement at a book club because someone was holding her dinner hostage and she was in a hurry.

My sister was throwing an event and we went to Target or Kmart or something to get supplies but they didn't have anything she needed except for a pack of 20 hot pink plastic cups that cost $9.98. My mom was there and bought me a pack of white sticker labels and put the plastic cups on her American Express card for us.

There was also something about preparing fried foods to go on someone's bare chest?

Another part involve me being a surgeon of some sort and my sister needed surgery and I was supposed to take a little circular saw and saw through her jaw bone but I said I couldn't and someone else did.


If you're a regular reader of my blog, you may remember last week when I tried an experiment for a few days, where I laid in the dark and scrawled weird visuals my brain flashed through right before I fell asleep. I think some of them came naturally, but I think I may have forced some of them by thinking too hard about it when I should have been just letting myself drift off instead. I don't know. Either way, it was sort of annoying because I'd wake up and my pen would end up under the bed or something equally irritating.

Anyhoo, I sort of took a different spin on the experiment last night. Instead of writing down words that matched the visuals in my brain (although I did write down some of that too) I tried drawing shapes that I saw on the insides of my eyelids. I don't have a scanner so I actually tried to recreate the weird symbols by drawing them in a paint program on my computer. Strangely enough they are pretty spot-on, because the ones I actually drew were super messy too. What does this tell us? That I'm completely insane and possibly some sort of pre-historic witch or shaman.

I also scrawled down these random words, plus some other crap I can't decipher:

-small eye
-wave in Rolodex
-red beetles

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sequined Shoes & Silver Foxes

I know there was totally more to this dream. I've been having hard times remembering my dreams the past couple nights and was getting really irritated. So I tried extra hard to remember this one.

I was putting on a dance night at Clubhouse Jager, but it looked like Barbette inside. I think it was supposed to be a Transmission version of JagerCon for some reason, and Jake Rudh was going to DJ. I was arguing with someone about where all the tables should go. I thought they should go along the perimeter of the room and they though they should go away completely. I wanted to smack the person violently hard in the face, but restrained myself.

The next part was just of me looking through a bunch of pictures from a photo shoot. They were these really cool, sort of baroque portraits of bearded ladies that were young and pretty and had immaculately trimmed blonde beards. The one I liked the best kept changing every time I looked at it until the girl had was completely bald except for hair on the sides and the beard.

The pic in the dream was WAY cooler and kind of makes me want to do a beard-girl shoot.

The scene changed to me in some sort of concrete structure where a fair or convention of some sort was happening. Everything was really grey and hard and echo-y. There were a good amount of people milling about and there was a crying little girl and her dad, who looked maybe 50 years old with silvery hair, by some steps. I asked what was wrong and the dad held up her shoe, which was a sequined heeled shoe with purple, silver, and fuchsia sequins of all shapes and sizes on it. It even had sequins in the soles of the shoes, which was why she was crying -- she was wearing thin socks and the sequins hurt her feet. I think I had some sort of booth in the building, (or maybe my apartment was in it?) but for some reason I had a bunch of brand new knee socks of varying patterns and colors. I choose a pair with robots on them and ran after the Dad and girl, who were very appreciative of the socks even though they were clearly way too big for the girl's freakishly-tiny feet.

The next part switch my apartment, but it definitely wasn't my apartment. It was much cooler and bigger and was all polished concrete. I lived by myself and had discovered the Dad and girl lived at the end of my hallway so I started hanging out over there and working on my laptop. The girl's mom would come and take her a lot and she was a real bitch. She had big, poofy orange-ish hair and she hated my guts for some reason. But when she would leave the Dad and I would have the best times, and we would wear these long, taupe, silk sack-like smocks and lay on the concrete floor on our backs. At one point he was like, "we have to change these outfits, they have holes in them." But the holes weren't holes, they looked like grease spots.

I don't remember how the dream ended really, but I just remember realizing I was in love with the Dad and being super happy, but we couldn't tell the bitchy mom because she would take his daughter away or something. I woke up real peeved with the situation.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Not an actor.

I slept very fitfully last night and couldn't remember any dreams, but then I took a long nap this afternoon that featured a mini-dream that was kind of boring, but highly stressful.

I was somehow thrown into a theater production in which I played a Shakespearian-style character named "Willie." I was in a panic because I not only didn't know the plot of the play, but I didn't know my lines either. They gave me a script but it was really hard to read and I didn't have a lot of time to read it anyway.

Before the play was going to start I went up into an attic where they were serving pizza. I refused to eat the pizza because it tons of weird toppings on it like shaved metal and string. They told me I'd have to go to the store to get more pizza so I went out and got sort of lost. I went into a mall and a single mom had to show me how to get out and get back to the theater. On the street I saw my dad in his SUV and he was like "the play already started!"

Once I got back in, the play was in full swing but I didn't even know what scene it was or if I was supposed to be in it. They had replaced me with a chick wearing a brown burlap sack dress. The next scene I was somewhat ready for but I couldn't remember my lines, so I just went on stage and started to sing, but I wasn't singing words, I was just singing sounds.

There was something about one of my friends buying $632.00 worth of really ugly earrings at a craft sale, but that part I can't remember anything except being shocked by it.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I miss having an art gallery...

I drank half a bottle of Jameson last night so I slept like the dead, but I still remember a couple funny aspects of my dream...

I was digging through a box and found a tiny book, maybe the size of four postage stamps put together. It had a sort brocade cover that was gold and gray. When you opened it, it would play a video, and the video on it was someone filming an event at my old art gallery.

The gallery looked different and had more rooms..the first space there were abstract paper-mache wall sculptures with huge horns on them on display. The second part was a long hallway with brick walls. All the art was hung salon style and it was all different but there was a group of pieces that looked like semi-glossy wall paint had been poured on them, and there were phrases with lots of swear words roughly etched into them. The third and fourth rooms had a window cut into the wall between them and a tall skinny door on the right side to connect them. People were having a serious dance party and it was all red and looked like some of the pictures from an opening I actually had for an exhibit called "Into the Pink." Here are some of the red-ish pics from the actual opening -- which also included a sweet dance party! I really miss having a gallery...(btw, it's my goal to eventually open another gallery, once I make enough money to not worry about making money off the gallery!):

There was another part of the dream that featured me in a big, pretty much empty, hotel restaurant waiting for people. My friend Clement was there and he had written something weird on the wall of the women's restroom and was looking through a hole in the floor that apparently you could see people walking in and out of the restroom. He was counting how many people came in, and laughing that they all saw what he wrote. He said about 75 people had gone in since he'd been watching. I was mad because he wouldn't stop counting and I had to sit by myself.

In the last part someone gave me another little video-book thing and it had a vid of the girl who had apparently invented the book. She sitting in a chair saying "thank you, thank you, thank you" over and over. And that's when I woke up.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Terrorists n' Tornados

My dream last night was a low-grade nightmare. Also, I'm really tired and want to go back to sleep.

It started off with me in a hotel hallway in another country. It was either an African country or the Middle East or something. There were really nice parts of the hallway and really horrible parts. I think I was researching a story on terrorists and was trying to meet up with a certain guy who said he'd give me a story.

Somehow the guy found me and he was a really beautiful Prince-like young man. He wore a silk genie suit type of thing and a turban. He had perfect skin and was very polite and kind, but the truth was he was the leader of the terrorists. He brought me to his parents house, which somehow was in the hotel, but it was a really pretty place that had a balcony on a river. I was interviewing him and the river was raging, but to the right of the balcony was a calm part where a group of big orange and white catfish/koi hybrids were hanging out. I started wondering if I was dumb for not being scared, so I started to get scared.

The scene randomly changed back to Minneapolis and I lived in a weird apartment by Broadway and Washington in Northeast. I'd park my car 3 blocks away regularly and when I'd go back to it there would always be a big plastic ziplock bag of strange drugs sitting on the hood. I knew the terrorists were putting it there either as a thank you or a warning, but I wasn't sure. My sister was with me and she suggested we bring the latest sack of drugs to my dad's house to research what kind of drugs they were. When we got there my dad didn't want to help us, but he did start talking about how he'd always wanted to blow up a "Bratz" doll, and how every time he saw one in a kid's hand, he wanted to snatch it away and start it on fire.

The next segment involved me doing some sort of story on a celebrity but I don't know who she was. There were a bunch of people at a shack in front of a mountain...I think we were in the terrorists territory? She wanted me to take her picture in front of the mountain so I had her wrap a blue scarf completely around her face. I took the pic and in the frame there was a huge yellow tractor coming right for us, bulldozing up a bunch of trees and plants. It got very windy suddenly and I looked to the left and there was a big black tornado about 100 yards away. I was trying to run and everyone else was too. I ran to the shack because I knew a basement was there. The celebrity ran into a rickety barn and I was like "Noooooooooo!" but then there was nothing I could do. I woke up before the tornado hit the shack.

There was another part about being at some sort of museum/conservatory and me being pissed because Jahna got a bunch of free stuff and I didn't. She had multiple copies of all these cool art books but wouldn't share them! What a b.

Last night's pre-sleep snippets (I fell asleep right away sort of):

-White spaghetti in swirls
-green glow in a key hole
-an ear with wings
-scissors doing a pirouette
-"snake river"
-a purple and pink glowing superball
-an electric ax with a blue neon handle
-a potato with a blue hospital hair cap
-Asian boys modeling as girls on a runway

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Beck & Charlotte Gainsbourg "Heaven Can Wait"

This vid HAD to be based on weird dreams. Awesomeness.

Hello, my name is Zahna Vomit

Last night my dream was real irritating. I was always trying to get somewhere or prove that I was right but it was just taking too long.

The first part started out with me and five other people sitting at a round table at Clubhouse Jager. One of them was an FBI agent, and the rest were people I was in a band with. My band was known as two different bands, one was The Undertones (which is an awesome real life band from the '70s and we were them somehow) and we were also a band that was focused on me as a singer and it was just called Zahna Vomit -- which was apparently my stage name.

The FBI agent was interrogating us about some clothes he insisted we stole from the Mall of America eight months prior. He'd been holding a white plastic bag of clothes hostage for all that time and would come regularly to interrogate us. We had actually paid for the clothes though and were enraged he wouldn't give them to us but there was nothing we could do about it. The outfits I really wanted included one cute black dress that looked kind of 1950s and the second was a tan and white knit sack dress with rough wooden sticks you would jam through button holes to hold it on. We refused to play any shows until we could get the clothes. The FBI guy then brought us to a hotel and was driving a motorized cart and dragging the plastic bag of clothes underneath it, laughing the whole time.

The scene changed to my parents block, I think I owned their house but it was completely different and more fancy (I guess being in the Undertones paid off). My friend Rob Callahan had a big house on the corner and was having an elaborate yard sale. He had all these professional looking signs and sandwich boards put up all over the city with false advertising, saying he was selling things like rose bouquets, skateboards, skate shoes, and other random stuff he didn't actually have.

I went over to the sale and it was really insane and was being held in a big dusty dirt patch on top of a hill. Rob apparently didn't have enough stuff to sell, so he went to my store (in the dream I owned Ax-Man Surplus, or something like it) and he borrowed a bunch of weird stuff. He had a really mangy-looking swing set that had a metal structure, but aside from that, it was all made out of rope but the rope was filthy and the metal had grime on it. There were two little kids (that were apparently Rob's kids) playing on it but they looked really 1950s. I was wondered why they didn't get sick from playing on the dirty swing set. Rob had also gotten a bunch of used tires and four orange plastic bucket seats which he tied together two by two with dirty rope and hung from a tree. he also had blue hula hoops taped together to look like 8s that were lying on the ground. Everything was dusty and crazy looking and Rob was just like, "eh, whatever, I tried." and soon after that I woke up I think.

Did the experiment again last are the image snippets I scrawled down before drifiting off (the ones I can read, anyway)...

-a torso wearing a "mermaid" corset
-a purple "Sorry" game piece
-people jumping in front of a big map
-a hand slipping in a manhole
-a snowman with bells for eyes
-a bellybutton with a mouth under it
-"hobbit frog"
-an eye with big blue veins
-a hand with no fingers with a barbed wire tattoo on wrist
-written down: "Cocktail./"
-a thimble with a brown wig
-slipping while holding balloons
-an indecipherable line that is sort of funny "likse nylttu pon white doll"

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Key Master

Last night's dream was sort of boring but there were a few scary parts.

I was a teacher and I was working in a hotel that was also a school I think. Some people would live in the hotel like they were apartments and I would hire myself out to help them move their stuff in. I was helping someone and insisted they could only hire me for 4 hours so they better hurry. I think it was also an art studio building but it was split up strangely; people would have separate spaces but one would have to go through another person's personal space to get to theirs. It was weird because the art studios were laid out like one room apartments and I think the artists lived there.

The scene changed to a marble lobby and I was trying to act fancy and told a bunch of guests and staff that my family owned a key making dynasty...Everyone was saying they'd been there and it was awesome -- it was big complex that had all sorts of metal things like door knobs and keys of all shapes and sizes but their real specialty was making new keys and everyone was very impressed that my family owned it.

There was a musician playing at the hotel and I told his girlfriend that he was great and that we should get him to play in this certain room in the hotel where it was broadcast on television 24/7. We were sitting at a table discussing it and there was a big white foamcore board on the table that someone had smeared blood all over. We were sort of distressed but not really.

In the next part I was supposed to bartend an early morning shift in a cabana-style bar area, but I kept getting weird phone calls from people with Somalian sounding accents and they were saying they knew me and were saying all sorts of dirty things to me and laughing and saying they were coming over to my work to do something about it. I got super scared and tried to get my boss to let me leave but he wouldn't, so finally I just hid in a closet. They came and they were wearing Hawaiian shirts and screaming a bunch and the manager kicked them out, but they showed him a picture of me first and said I was their girlfriend and that they were trying to "catch me" to bring me home. I think I woke up after that.

Also, I tried the experiment from last night again...the list was so messy I could only decipher about half of it..I love this experiment. Here are the image snippets I had right before drifting off:

-a grass lion face
-a golf ball on a green cube
-a black lego space station tilted on its side
-a V (but drawn really tall and skinny)
-an eyelid with gold and red stripes
-a blue satin waist band of basketball shorts
-two upside down hooks that were someone's hands
-a red star in a yellow circle that was spinning
-an elf marching backwards
-a horse jumping in slow motion
-the word "sissaturate"
-a turkey with a tail that looked like a guitar neck
-a fist punching a door with a red #1 sign on it
-lavender legs with white flippers

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Smocks & Perverts

I've had a headache since last night around 7pm and my dream was really segmented. Also, I think I was a teenager. Brain tumor? Also, peep the end of this post to read about the weird experiment I tried last night.

Anyhoo, the dream started out with my parents taking me and my sister to a mall, specifically to a big warehouse store where they said we could have anything we wanted for free. It was almost all horrible, L.L. Bean style clothes except for a certain area where I found a bunch of mandarin-collared "smocks" that I really liked. I was randomly calling them "smocks" over and over in the dream instead of "robes" or "coats." There were lots of solid color ones, but my favorite was one that had a red metallic underlining covered in a black velvet brocade that had sheer parts that let the red show through. I grabbed that one and also three identical red capes with big ruffled collars.

[note: I was researching a couple days ago for an "Auntie Mame" inspired getup for a Christmas party and I think my favorite "smock" was a remix of the outfit below.]

The scene switched to me walking home from my former grade school in St. Paul and I was standing on a corner (note: in real life there was a 30-something pervert that for a period of time would wait for me on this corner in his car and try to give me a ride, which I never would accept, which eventually resulted in him whipping his junk out at me, then I never saw him again, ew). I saw a boy on the corner who I'd never met before. He said he was new at my school and since one of the students had died, he got to replace them as the "popular" kid but didn't know how since he'd been a nerd all his life. His bangs were cut really weird and I pulled part of them down to form a big long spike that hung in his face like Glenn Danzig in the Misfits days. I said that solved the nerd problem. He was very thankful and we became friends and we rode our bikes over to my house so we could hang out in the basement, but my mom kicked us out right away (true to real-life form).

The next scene involved my mom and dad driving me to a photo shoot that was at a huge mansion on top of a big hill. A mom and kid lived there all by themselves but it looked like it had 50 rooms. For some reason my parents wouldn't drive up the road to the door so they kicked me out on the side of the road with all the clothes and props I brought for the shoot (which included the aforementioned "smock." and I kept having to trudge up and down the huge hill that was was at such a slant you had to crawl on your hands and knees at some points.

The scene switched to a warehouse where someone was wearing all white and doing martial arts. The guy wanted to be my boyfriend but I didn't like him because he scared me but I was trying to act like he didn't. We went into his basement and he left me there for a while and while he was gone I discovered that he had a massive porn collection plus was hiding a bunch of white supremacy flags and martial arts weapons. When he got back, I was trying to pretend I didn't know so I could gracefully escape without getting killed but he kept pinning me to a wall and screaming at me. I think I got really scared at that point and woke up.

UPDATE: In honor of this dream I have purchased this darling Jennifer Davis painting of The Misfits. So awesome. I love that I can justify art purchases when I'm broke with something as valid as a weird dream. You may remember me raving about Jen in my previous post, "The art that dreams are made of." Love this girl.


Additionally, I tried an experiment last night before I feel asleep. I always notice that right before I drift off my brain starts thinking really weird snippets and images. I held a pen on a notebook next to me and scrawled these things down in the dark. The result is a crazy-looking list of crap I can hardly read, but here's a bunch of what I was actually able to decipher:

-a solid gold basketball
-a neon blue owl face that was stretched wider in photoshop
-a pearl octopus
-the phrase "¿squick:squawk?" written out on paper
-a cursive L written out a bunch of times in a row
-a small, green glow-in-the-dark ball that had nostrils
-a purple plastic scorpion that sat on a mound of glittery black coal
-a fashion image that was a dead girl with an outfit made out of gauzy discs
-a tiger face with light blue eyes
-teeth wreath
-small plastic eyes glued to a leaf
-a tree with wooden water spigots
-a gold statue of a person wearing an torpedo shaped fruit basket on their head
-an generic alien face with big black false eye lashes
-black and white polka dot material with black eye lashes glued to it
-small stained glass rectangles hovering over eyes
-oranges that sting

Monday, November 16, 2009

Foggy memory/Heads encased in ice (related?)

I slept super hard last night but damned if I can remember my dreams. The past couple mornings I woke up with lots of unrelated thoughts storming around in my head...really mundane things like "I have to get cat food" and crap like that, but it automatically shoved my dreams away and they're hard to remember if I don't concentrate on them immediately.

The only things I remember about last night's dream were a bunch of chopped off human heads encased in big cubes of ice and set on a long table. I wish I could remember more about that part because I think there was a good story behind it. All the heads were making crazy, distorted faces and I think they were still alive.

There was also a part about a publisher putting out a book of her favorite e-mails, and there were a bunch of mine in it, but they were all super risque and had lots of swear words in them and I was worried I'd get fired from my job -- which in the dream was in a weird, huge office of some sort doing something really boring.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Ghost Table

There was a whole lot about this one that I can't remember but it's right on the tip of my brain. Maybe I'll remember more of it later.

The dream revolved around a dining room table that had a bunch of ghosts sitting at it, they were apparently my best friends and I really loved them all (but I had no idea who any of them actually were). They were white-ish gray and see through but they looked like people, but kind of old-timey and you could see their skulls. They offered me candies that were supposed to turn me into a ghost too. Depending on which one I chose I would become a different style of ghost, but they couldn't tell me which was which. The candies were rainbow colored and shaped like little crowns and were the consistency of gummy bears, with one that was bright yellow being the consistency of candy corn. I can't remember which one I ate or what kind of ghost I turned into though, but I think I still appeared as a regular human.

There were other parts about me trying to mediate some sort of weird drug deal between two of my friends, but both of them were being really flaky and not showing up where they were supposed to. They kept talking on their cell phones and would be in the same vicinity but then one of them would leave and the other one would be pissed off. It kept happening and I was getting blamed for it.

They came to the place where the dining room table with all the ghosts were, and one was really mad at me for not hooking them up and tried to chop off my hand at the wrist. Luckily I was a ghost at this point and it didn't work. My hand came off and it looked like a miniature brown boxing glove, but then disintegrated and my normal hand was still attached. My other friend was in a room in the house that had a mattress and a blue blanket in it. He was talking on his cell phone and finally came out to meet the other one. They locked eyes really intensely and did an elongated hand shake and stare down and all the ghosts felt really uncomfortable and so did I. There was a grandma-ish character there that brought in a pan of plain brown sugar that had been heated up in the oven, which was apparently the ghosts' favorite food.

I think I woke up soon after that, so I'm not sure what happened, but I think there was another part that was based on people wearing togas and red wreaths on their heads and milling around in the backyard of the ghost house.