Thursday, January 27, 2011

Suede shoes, spray paint and rock n' roll

This dream was pretty weird and had a few parts that didn't link together, but it had its funny moments.

I was visiting my friend Maritza, who lived on a strange plot of land that was part grass and part dirt lot. It had a number of small buildings on it that looked sort of abandon. I think it was some sort of commune or trailer park situation because people lived there, but it was extremely run down. Maritza had a little building where she lived and it was just a concrete square, but it had a full kitchen/living room/bedroom in it was very cute inside.

She showed me a pair of purple suede ankle boots with black and white stripes on the side that she had just bought on sale - she said they were originally worth $1100.00. I tried them on and they made my legs bend backwards at the knee like an ostrich. Maritza prepared a small plate of cold pizza squares and sprinkled black pepper over them. She told me to deliver them to an old man who lived across the lot, because he needed food plus he wanted to see Maritza's new shoes. So I delivered the pizza squares but came back right away because the grass was wet and I was afraid of ruining the shoes.

Kinda like this, but the stripes were black
and white and more horizontal

I changed shoes and we decided to go over to a rickety train-car/trailer looking thing that was across the field. It had yellow light spilling from the cracks and loud music was coming from inside. We went inside and there were a bunch of drunk people discussing how to turn the trailer into an art gallery. They were deliberating over the name they would call it, "Versailles" or "The Stop." We were sitting on two mangy old couches facing each other that had just enough room between them for someone to walk. A lady brought a kid with a big red afro into the trailer and we were like "he's too young to hang out in here!" but the lady insisted he would just fall asleep, and he curled up under a blanket on my lap and did.

The last part involved me having a job spray painting the heads of underground sprinkler heads bright yellow. I would lay on a skateboard on my stomach and ride down Ford Parkway in St. Paul, spraying them as a rolled by. There was a gang of teenage boys following me and trying to beat me up because I had caught them doing a crime and got them in trouble a few months before.

There was another vague part about me doing a bunch of psychedelic drugs and starting a band with three other people. I played the bass and the violin and I also sang, but a random girl we knew sat in on practice when I couldn't and the band decided to keep her as the singer, though I was still on bass and violin. This sort of pissed me off, but not really because our band had only two practices together and I knew I couldn't remember any of the songs, even though they were all cover songs. I remember thinking that the whole thing was ridiculous because we were all on drugs.

We were slated to play a big outdoor amphitheater and it was completely packed. We got on stage and I realized I didn't know how to play any of the songs and thought "okay, just pretend, you're only the bass player, know one will know." But before we started playing the girl singer said something to the effect of "Before we begin, I'd like to give a little shout out to Kate Iverson, who is one of the ugliest people I know" and then a jumbotron flashed to me and started flashing to other ugly people in the crowd who were laughing but I thought it was super mean. Then the camera flashed back to me and in real life I was covering my face with my hands and looking outraged, but the jumbotron showed me smiling really big and playing a little ditty on my violin, like a dork. I then stormed off the stage and that's all I can remember.

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