Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Nightmares

So, I slept over at my parents' house on Christmas Eve in what one would typically construe as a super comfortable bed. But for some reason I woke up multiple times, had nightmares, and got up in the morning with a back ache. Merry Christmas!

A lot of the details are vague, but it started out with me trying to bamboozle the FBI, who in the dream were evil and trying to kill a teenage girl. I was somehow trusted by them and I was allowed in the FBI offices, where I stole a piece of paper that had a whole bunch of random scribbling on it, but was important to the case.

There was a chase scene that was inside a brightly lit warehouse. We kept trying to fool the FBI by getting on different freight elevators but we kept getting lost because the elevators were magically shifting and losing floors. The floors were all numbered and lettered strangely, like S9, GK3, etc. You could see the whole building like a skeleton and I could see the FBI closing in on us, and I think that's when I woke up.

I went back to sleep and had a serious night terror. I'm sure I was screaming (or at least yelping) in my sleep about it. I can only remember generic details about it but it was terrifying. I was in a strange house and a killer/rapist was in the house terrorizing me and chasing me around. I was screaming out the window "RAPE!" and "FIRE!" and no one could hear me.

The last part involved me running away from him through a rotating door that was spinning really fast. My only option was to run as fast as I could into it and hope I could squeak through. But I got pinned in the middle by the door and somehow it was a portal to the 4th dimension and my top and bottom half started blurring and expanding like balloons and all my organs were popping. I could see a bunch of repeats of the situation I was in. I could feel it cutting me in half and twisting upwards into a funnel type thing. I actually woke up because I was throwing up and choking in my sleep.

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