Monday, December 13, 2010

FBI Hamburgers & Unitards

I had this dream two nights ago and I wrote it in a notebook all scribbly and I couldn't really decode it completely. Long story short, some of the details are missing.

Anyway, the dream started out in an elevator lobby that had all sorts of yellow colors, like warning signs, caution tape and the like. You needed a special badge to get through the glass doors into the offices and eventually I realized that it was an FBI office. Somehow, I knew someone who worked there and he got me in and signed me up for a job interview. The interview consisted of me having to select raw hamburger from a refrigerator case and make the most efficient and delicious burger. Everyone else was making paper thin patties but I made a small, thick mini-burger type patty. Dwight from the show "The Office" was there and he decided he wanted one of mine, so I had to go back to the case and get more meat to make him one.

The scene changed to a huge atrium in the FBI building, not unlike the government center in Downtown Minneapolis. My sister was there sitting on a marble ledge with about 15 African kids surrounding her. They were all ages and most of them looked really sick; they were super skinny with distended stomachs, they had flies buzzing around them and some of the younger ones had huge, hollowed out eye sockets with what looked like vaseline filling them with a black marble in each. My sister said someone had "fished the babies out of the river" and that she was nursing them back to health. I offered to walk with them to their next stop (they were on a walking tour of the FBI building) but the kids couldn't follow instruction, they starting running like maniacs everywhere and FBI workers started screaming "TERRORISTS!!!"

The scene changed to a photo shoot that I came late to apparently, and the photos had been shot without me. I was a little bit pissed off but kind of relieved because I didn't really want to do the shoot anyway. I started looking through the images that they shot and they were of four girls in pearl white unitard type things that each had one letter on the chest. It was supposed to spell something important (like a brand name or something) but whoever took the pics never got them all showing their letters at the same time. There were pictures of them wearing jackets over their outfits and all kissing at the same time; there were pictures of them tangled amongst multiple dirty white horses. One girl was giving the devil horns hand symbol by a horse's tail. I remember being livid about the whole thing and I think that's when I woke up.

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