Monday, December 27, 2010

Alex the invisible fox/snake/baby

I was at a hotel working for a beauty queen who had won a pageant. We were in the "green room" of the hotel, which was a basement painted white with worn out carpeting, dirty old plastic toys, a mangy couch and a particle board desk with a computer on it. There was a random nerd guy who was in our entourage who didn't really talk, he just worked on a laptop the whole time.

While we were in the green room/basement waiting for the beauty queen to go make her appearance at the hotel, the floor somehow turned to sand and little fox-like tracks began appearing in it, but when you looked closer it looked like a smooth, snake slither path. The fox tracks kept padding silently in circles around the room and finally stopped right in front of me. I put out my hand to see if I could touch the invisible animal and there was nothing there, but you could see the sand move like it got scared and disappeared. When the beauty queen noticed this, she started smiling really big and almost crying saying that it had to be "Alex," her baby that died. She had to go make her appearance but ordered the nerd guy to write an article about it online.

I was in charge of making sure "Alex" stayed in the room until she got back. Somehow it became apparent that he was in a long storage space in the wall that had an old-timey cast iron stove door on it. I locked him in and stuffed a blue flag into the crack along the top so he couldn't ghost out. I just kept talking to him, saying "It's okay, Alex, your mom is coming right back, please don't leave" and other soothing things.

The last thing I remember was the beauty queen stalking across the lobby of the hotel with an entourage of people carrying her bags and photographers and reporters asking her about Alex. She stopped and got big tears in her eyes and told everyone that he was back and that she couldn't be happier. That's when I think I woke up.

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