Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Husband Killer

This dream is one I scrawled down in a notebook the other night so bear with me...

I was at a cabin because someone in my family or maybe a friend's family had gotten married and all the main people involved were there. The cabin was set on a river bank that was all gray, slate-colored gravel and crystal clear water. Everyone was swimming to a floating square that was in the middle of the river but I refused because I saw a bunch of skeletons embedded in the gravel underneath the water. There were human skeletons, a bone-version of a stingray and a bunch of fish skeletons and a couple ox skulls.

The scene changed to the garden next to the cabin. I saw something white underneath some dirt and I brushed it away, only to discover it was a man's face. I got the bride and she started freaking out and showed me a picture hanging in the cabin of the same man when he was alive. She said it was her ex-husband and that she had killed and buried him there 20 years ago. She begged me not to tell and wanted me to help dig him up completely and re-bury him somewhere else, but I thought that was a risky plan. The new plan involved semi-re-digging him up, pouring lye all over the decomposing body (which was relatively in tact for being 20 years old) and then covering him up again with dirt and then a layer of decorative landscaping rocks. Somehow the bride's mother found out and insisted on seeing the body. She looked at him and just said "what a sorry bastard" and let us finish burying him.

There was another random part about the women in my family passing down all their diamond rings to the younger generation. They sat us down at a table that had a track that rotated, and threw all their rings onto it. We had to snatch whatever rings we could as it spun around. I got a pinky ring, an engagement ring, and a man's ring - all of them were covered in dozens of diamonds each. That's when I woke up.

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