Monday, December 13, 2010

Fish, snakes and Japanese businessmen

This dream was totally creepsville in an understated way. So much so I woke up sort of sobbing and yelling at 6am and had to get up and write the dream down.

It started out with me in a strange hotel room with a Japanese business man. I think maybe I was his assistant and we were on some sort of shady business trip. The hotel room was sort of disturbing; it had bright red carpeting that was sort of crappy, wood paneled walls and really high ceilings. All the rooms seemed small but tall and there was very little furniture and no decor.

The business man ordered takeout and a 6-pack of Sapor beer but after it came a note arrived saying that an anonymous friend wanted to buy us an order of cream cheese wontons and that they would be sent to our room immediately. The businessman left to do something and I was alone in the room. When the delivery guy came with the wontons I let him him and signed a slip. I went to find tip money for him and he passed out on a twin bed that was in the room. I tried to feed him a beer to wake him up and his head split open and a lot of fizz spilled out and kept spilling all over the bed. The businessman came back and was calm but I could tell he was panicked. He thought someone had tracked us to the hotel and the delivery guy's head cracking open was a homing signal of sorts. He instructed me to turn on some really loud punk music so I did. Someone came banging on the door and we just sat in the room and waited until they went away.

The dream changed to me outside of a mall (I think maybe HarMar Mall?) and a bunch of guys who looked like Genghis Khan (or what I'd expect Genghis Khan to look like anyway) were unloading huge racks of clothing and linens--I think they worked for a dry cleaning company--and somehow I got in the fray and knocked a huge rack over. They all started screaming at me and I tried to help in vain to put the rack back together. I realized that they were running drugs inside the hollow insides of the racks and I started to get scared that they knew I knew. I knelt down near a curb on the street and started sifting through dirt and sand and pulling out little springs and sprockets and hardware pieces that had fallen off the racks and giving them to the Genghis Khans - this seemed to appease them.

The next part switched to a weird abandon loading dock across the street from the mall. I was with a group of people who were supposedly my family but they were people I'd never seen before. We were salvaging old fish tanks and we found a big one that still had about half the water in it. We put it on a pedestal and suddenly a bunch of big fancy fish that had been dormant and had been laying flat on the bottom of the tank began to pop up. They were all gold fish hybrids but some were in huge angel fish format and you could tell they were starving.

I became panicked about feeding the fish but we couldn't find any food on the loading dock. Randomly, a veterinarian wandered over and I kept trying to get her to tell me what to feed them but she wouldn't acknowledge me. She just kept saying she "knew" one of the big angel fish and she couldn't believe he was still alive. I went across the street to the mall and somehow bought a live snake, which I intended on feeding the fish. On the way back he kept getting away and I'd pick him up again and he'd bite me multiple times.

Once I got back to the loading dock the scene morphed back to the Japanese businessman's hotel room. We'd apparently moved the tank there and I was really pissed off about the snake at that point. I held the snake by the tail and smashed his head against the wall and he kind of splayed open but it was all still snake skin, no blood. Somehow by me doing this, it caused a girl with blonde hair to materialize on the floor of the hotel room. She was dying because she was an extension of the snake somehow and she was vomiting a sort of yellow-green gel and spasming against the wall. This is when I woke up crying/yelling.

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