Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Tiger/Panther BFF

This dream was pretty short. Just a snippet, really.

I was best friends with a tiger who would morph into a black panther. We were in Africa, and on or just outside of an army base. The tiger/panther lived in a metal shed that stood about five feet off the ground on wooden posts, so other animals wouldn't mess with him when he was sleeping. He wanted me to move in with him but I was nervous he'd get shot if I did, because it would draw human attention to his home. The only other thing I remember is sitting in the shed with him making a "Best of 2010" list and he kept coming up with weird categories like "Best Leg Tattoo."

There was another random part of the dream that involved people going to an advance screening of a new Spiderman movie. The place where the movie was being shown was surrounded by geometric concrete structures. My friend Clement was there putting big stickers on the concrete slabs that said weird things like "Glee Girl" and "Where is Bingo." That's all I remember.

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