Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Grim Reapers, Photographers and Neil Gaiman

Just woke up from having a dream, but also think I stopped breathing in my sleep so I got kind of scared.

Anyhoo, the dream I had involved two unidentified guys that I apparently liked and was trying to impress. One was some sort of either actor or director and another was a theater photographer. I was at a show at the director guy's theater and suddenly he announced that they were going to do a sneak peek of their production of "Spring Awakening." The stage design was really weird and rough looking, parts of it were cardboard boxes stitched together and there was a big gap in the middle of the stage. I texted the photographer and told him to hurry down because I could get him onstage for the preview to shoot.

The stage was kind of like this but way weirder:

When the photographer got there he came on stage with me and the director guy was standing on the far front edge of the stage in a full-on grim reaper suit, narrating the play. We laid down on the ground by his feet to keep out of the way and the photographer detached his arm and said something about his arm being named "Frankenstein" and that he took it off to get better angles on photos sometimes. Parts of the theater in the way back started crashing down but the show kept going.

The grim reaper/director laid down with us and I was sandwiched kind of in between them. In the dream, I was wearing a bright orange hoodie (I would never in real life!) and the director got up and said he couldn't stand laying down with us because we both smelled like "fire." I tried to remember if I was at a campfire before but I couldn't. While he was gone, the photographer showed me his phone and said that people we knew were stealing his minutes and bandwith and that one of them had been playing an online game called "Falderfux" for two days straight.

There was another random part about me selling records at a charity sale, and having to wrack my brain to prove to a client that I was who I said I was. I kept thinking of how my tattoos could prove it and maybe a blood sample. And then I woke up.


So, I woke up at 4am, wrote the above, then went back to sleep. I had another mini-dream that I don't remember that much of, but it was pretty funny. It involved me riding the city bus with Neil Gaiman. He was wearing a soccer hooligan outfit and being sullen in the very back of the bus. I bopped back there and started being really annoying and asking him a million questions. I pointed out a manufacturing plant that I said was "the biggest in the state" and then the ruins of another that looked like a post-apocalyptic nightmare that "used to be the biggest in the state." I tried to tell him how I used to be a security person for Vanessa Williams and that I used a lot of "Neil Gaiman techniques" to protect her. The techniques included baking a dozen diamond rings into a pie and serving it to her daily. Another involved having a really talkative, annoying guy that was actually two guys that were identical tag-team people who we construed as a threat. That's all I can remember.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find Neil Gaiman in a soccer outfit! haha.

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  1. where did that grim reaper image come from??